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About Us

from home-based business to professional towing company

Auto Tech is a black woman-owned towing truck company that is based in Heidelberg, Gauteng. We provide essential services to the South African economy by moving broken-down motor vehicles away from the road to avoid obstruction of free flow traffic; towing light or heavy motor vehicles over short and long distances.

Auto Tech has grown from being a home-based business that began with 1 - 4 trucks in 2011, to a professional towing truck company with a management structure. This management structure is responsible for creating, communicating and implementing the vision, mission and overall direction of the business – i.e. leading the development and implementation of the overall strategy.


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Our Services

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Multi Mech 24 trading as Auto Tech is a company that delivers excellent services in terms of helping our customers move their broken-down vehicles from one destination to another. We want to be known as the towing truck company that truly cares for her customers.

Auto Tech provides the following services, and each insurance company has a customised contract that has flat fees regarding hourly or rate per kilometre compensation. Non-insurance holders can contact us directly for pricing.

Auto Towing

Long distance towing, light, medium and heavy duty towing, flatbed towing, motorcycle towing, winch and recovery service, roadside service, heavy duty breakdown service

Auto Repair

Auto body repair

Vehicle Storage

Indoor vehicle storage

Other Towing Services

Jump start and battery services, tire change and repair, lock out service, fuel service

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Our Market

anywhere, anytime towing

Our target market is basically transportation and haulage companies and of course every individual that owns a car. We cover both short distance and long distance to move broken down, improperly parked, impounded or motor vehicles away from to the road to avoid obstruction of free flow of traffic. We tow both light or heavy motor vehicles over short and long distances. In other words, our target market is South Africa as a whole. Provided below is a list of the people and organisations that we to conduct business with:



Transportation companies


We are aware of the competitive nature of the automobile towing industry and we are ready to get into the mix and favourably compete with players in the industry. Our major competitive advantage is the vast industry experience and solid reputation of our management team.

Lastly, our tow truck drivers are well taken care of, and their packages are among the best in the industry. This means that they are more than willing to build the business with us and help deliver our set goals, which helps us achieve all our business aims and objectives.

General FAQ'S

Relocation of any vehicle type

We are a full service facility. We will tow your car back to our shop and provide you quality repairs to get you back on the road quickly.
We have become a go to Towing company in the classic and exotic car world. We have towed all the exotics including: Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Bentleys, Rolls Royce, Street Rods, and Customs.
We have the equipment to test the alternator and the battery independently. We first isolate the issue and then only replace either the battery or the alternator. In some cases both need to be replaced.
If the tire is in good condition, and with our training we determine that it is safe, yes we will repair the tire. With a professional repair the tire is fully functional.
You will be charged a fair rate for the tow. Please call our dispatch center.

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